About – Thibra


Thibra was founded to present a range of excellent and unique materials for professional artists, designers, hobbyists, theater designers and the cosplay community. Our mission is to create and sell art materials that are distinguished by their premium quality, a reasonable price, and excellent applicability.

With Thibra, we are encouraging creative people to throw themselves wholeheartedly into their passion. We listened carefully to the special requirements and expectations that professional artists and designers desire in a premium sculpting material. From there, we developed this new material, which has presented great opportunities for professional creatives and hobbyists alike.

Thibra makes it possible to create extreme shapes required for sphere-shaped, double-curved objects. In order to eliminate the endless sessions of sanding and applying fillers, we wanted Thibra to be a sculpting material that can be painted quickly and easily. Just degrease, spray to prime and paint your project.

With Thibra, there’s less material waste and no residue, as all your scraps can be used again. The activation temperatures of our products are somewhat lower but the materials are pliable longer. Last but not least, there is less risk of rupturing during the process of making your objects. You will be amazed by what you are capable of when you create your first projects with Thibra, Tex, and ThibraPearl.

Thibra products are biodegradable and meet the requirements of the European Regulations, (EC) No. 1907/2006.

For safety and compliance information, see Thibra Fine MSDS and Thibra Tex MSDS