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Endless possibilities for creative applications.

Thibra is a spectacular material that can be shaped over and over again when heated with a hot air gun. It’s a must-have for every hobbyist and professional making their own objects or sculptures.

Professional Art & Design

Thibra is perfect for making double-curved and extreme shapes. When heated, it can be pulled over molds and existing shapes, which makes it a fast and inexpensive alternative to vacuum forming for prototyping.

Hobby & Decoration

Thibra is a malleable material made for a variety of applications. Heat Thibra to copy the shape of any existing product in your home or to make silicone molds for jewelry, lamps, bowls, wall decoration, necklaces, pendants, and rosettes.

Cosplay & Theater

This innovative sheet material is exceptionally smooth and its molding ability makes it ideal for bringing your ideas to life. Thibra can be easily spray-painted after degreasing and combines well with other materials. Plus, your object can always be adjusted and corrected simply by reheating it.

Video Tutorials

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