Thibra Tex Cosplay Mask

Thibra Tex Cosplay Mask

This cool mask was made using scraps of Thibra Tex, the easy-to-use, textile-reinforced thermoplastic developed as a base layer for large Thibra projects. Thibra Tex heats easily with a heat gun to about 120º F then can be shaped or layered into whatever you can dream up. Thibra Tex retains its shape when cooled but stays flexible and resilient. It is perfect for applying Thibra Fine to, as the two easily stick together when warmed. 

This mask was built over a basic masquerade mask, similar to the one pictured here. A non-stick wax coating was applied to it to prevent Thibra from permanently sticking. Small pieces of Thibra Tex were then heated with a heat-gun and built up to make the angular shapes. Then the plain mask was removed so it can be used again and again. 


Thibra Tex has a slightly rough texture, and with many acrylic paints it would need primer to get a smooth metallic look. Not with Tommy DIY paints! The metallic silver is extra thick and includes a special binder for sticking to plastic. It can be applied thin to retain texture, or thick and smooth, as can be seen on the bright silver trim pieces.  I left it half-painted so you can see the difference.

Project made by Marianne Walker

Project time: approx. 1 hr, 30 min (includes painting time)

Tools used: Thibra Tex 1/16th sheet (call for availability)

Tommy DIY Metallic Silver & Tommy Brown Black Mineral paint.